Balancing Professionalism and Friendship: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important to #TrustYourCaddie

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‘This article details the story of how Austin and I built a strong relationship and how trust is critical when selecting your caddie. While the article was not written by me, it will give anyone who is selecting a caddie some good advice. Enjoy!’


Xander Schauffele met his current caddie, Austin Kaiser, while they were both playing for San Diego State’s collegiate golf team more than ten years ago. While Austin had dreams of becoming a detective, when Xander asked him to be his caddie, it was an opportunity he knew he should pursue.

Flash-forward to five years later, and the two men are now a shining example of what a player-caddie relationship should look like.

While it’s easy to ask someone to serve as your caddie, it’s crucial to consider whether you’re creating an ideal partnership. There needs to be a balance of professionalism and camaraderie for a successful dynamic between a golfer and his caddie.


But why?

Why is it so essential to trust your caddie on the green? We’re breaking down the top reasons why finding the perfect person to carry your bag should be at the top of your priority list.

Caddie Goals: The Top Reason Austin Kaiser is the Ideal Caddie for Xander

Take a look at Austin Kaiser’s Instagram and you’ll see photographic proof that the player-caddie relationship between he and Xander is the best of best.

What makes their dynamic so impressive isn’t just that they get along; it’s that Austin understands Xander’s game and can support his friend better than just about anyone else.

In fact, that’s one of the main reasons Xander asked Austin to be his caddie.

He wasn’t looking for someone who could just carry his golf bag around the course. Xander wanted a caddie who clearly understood his game and could anticipate his needs. Thanks to their college golf days, Xander believed Austin knew how he played better than almost anyone else.

Their experiences on the green have solidified their connection so much in fact that Xander’s family even gifted Austin with an Olympic ring after Xander’s Summer 2020 Olympic win.

Pair a sense of competence with their solid friendship, and you have the makings of an unequivocal golfer/caddie partnership.

4 Reasons Trust is Crucial in Player-Caddie Relationships

While knowing how to clean golf clubs in winter is typically as simple as soap and water, preventing damage from harsh weather cWhen it comes down to it, the most vital component in any player-caddie relationship is trust – both personally and professionally. Without trust, there’s the potential for negative emotions and poor decisions.

Take Xander and Austin’s partnership, for example. Without a high level of reliability, they wouldn’t have forged the trustworthy bond they rely on during matches.

There are four main reasons why having a good relationship with your caddie is crucial to the success of your game.

1. Choosing the Right Equipment (and Taking Care of It)

The main job of any caddie is to help the player choose the best equipment throughout the game. No matter how good a friend might be, if they can’t provide insight and expertise on the green, the golfer will be limited by the partnership.

It’s also essential to find a caddie you can rely on to keep your equipment in good condition. Not only does it look bad if your equipment isn’t in good shape, but you won’t be making the most of it.

2. Course Suggestions

While some golfers might prefer their caddies to sit back silently, this approach could detract from the quality of their game.

For instance, Austin Kaiser’s golf advice is one of the key benefits of his and Xander’s player-caddie relationship. He can skillfully make suggestions about the course to aid in Xander’s approach to the game. Having an alternative point of view can be an asset if it comes from a caddie you can trust.

3. Bringing a Sense of Amity to the Game

Yes, Xander and Austin have a professional relationship – but they’re also close friends who have known each other for more than a decade. This type of personal connection brings an element of ease to the green.

While Austin is happy in his role as a caddie to Xander, a career in the golf world isn’t what he anticipated for himself. He’s stated before that their connection makes the experience enjoyable, and he’s not sure if he would ever want to caddie for someone else.

4. Knowing When to Stay Quiet

Sure, it’s a luxury to feel comfortable bouncing ideas around in your partner-caddie relationship. But sometimes all golfers want is a little bit of silence and free thinking.

By having a friendly and professional connection, it’s easy to know where to draw that line. Someone with a personal relationship will understand what the player needs and have the respect to sit back quietly when required.

Finding Success on the Green Through Player-Caddie Relationships

The game of golf comes with numerous facets. Not only are things like skill and equipment crucial, but having the right type of player-caddie relationship is also a priority.

While it’s necessary to understand the player is still the boss and serving as a caddie is a professional career, there’s no harm in maintaining a friendly rapport while you’re on the course. In fact, establishing that personal bond could be part of what it takes to improve your game play and success.