How to Clean Golf Clubs and Other Equipment: 15+ Pro Tips Anyone Can Do

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‘I am passionate about my equipment as it helps allow me to perform at the highest level. Before I turned professional and had the support of great sponsors like Adidas & Callaway, I developed some good routines. My team asked me to share some of my tips and tricks and this article is the first in a series of posts. These articles are not written by me, but the advice and information shared comes from me. Disclaimer – not all content is to be taken 100% serious – here’s a good example ‘Don’t be an Ogre’. Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of this new content – you will only find it here on my blog’


Whether you’re a professional or recreational golfer, there’s a good chance you’re spending a significant amount of money on your golf clubs and equipment. To make these items last, it’s crucial to ensure you’re taking care of them correctly.

If you want to know how to clean golf clubs, bags, shoes, or other equipment, there are several trusted tips you can utilize to streamline the process.

Don’t waste your money by letting your golf equipment and apparel get destroyed. All it takes is a few extra minutes to keep your gear looking great.

How to Clean Golf Clubs in Every Situation

Let’s face it; for golfers, golf clubs are the pièce de résistance of the game. Even if you decide not to clean any of the rest of your equipment, your clubs deserve a little extra time and attention after every use.

But should you clean and maintain them the same way for every situation?

Not necessarily.

Whether you’re cleaning rusty golf clubs, protecting them in winter, or sprucing them up after the driving range, be sure to put the following tips to good use.

Cleaning (and Preventing) Rusty Golf Clubs

When you get a new golf club, such as the Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS that Xander just added to his golf bag, the last thing you want to do is let it get rusty.

If it does, though, there are a few simple tricks to help fix the problem.

The best place to start is always a dishwashing soap and water mixture. Let your cub soak in the mixture for a few minutes, and then gently use a toothbrush to clear away rust. If the rust is more severe, common household products like Coca-Cola, lemon juice, or vinegar have enough acidity in them to help break down rust for easier cleaning.

It’s always best to stick with a gentle brush for cleaning. If that’s not working, you can try an ultra-fine wire brush as long as it’s less strong than the club itself and use it gently.

As for prevention, keeping your clubs dry is critical. That means wiping them down with a towel after each use, removing them from wet golf bags, and storing them in low humidity spaces.

How Can You Clean Golf Clubs in Winter

While knowing how to clean golf clubs in winter is typically as simple as soap and water, preventing damage from harsh weather conditions is something you may want to investigate.

Many experts feel that 45-60° is the ideal temperature for clubs. If you live in an area where they will often be colder than that, it’s worth it to buy some type of golf club cover. You’ll need to work extra hard during winter to keep your clubs dry, as well.

Getting Rid of Mat Residue After the Driving Range

Have you ever noticed bits of green mat residue on your clubs after a tough session at the driving range? While this might look unsightly, it’s typically easy to figure out how to clean golf clubs after the driving range.

Sometimes all it takes is hot water, a toothbrush, and some good, old-fashioned elbow grease. If that’s not doing the trick, adding in some dishwashing soap should help loosen it up.

Keeping Your Golf Bag in Tip-Top Shape

Your golf bag is what helps keep your game in line. It provides organization, convenience, and comfort while you’re making your way around the course. Keeping your bag in great shape will allow you to make the most of what it has to offer.

Here are a few simple tips to ensure your golf bag is ready for every trip to the putting green:

  • Empty everything from your golf bag first and eliminate any unnecessary trash.
  • Vacuum the interior of the bag and all of its pockets.
  • Use water, a clean cloth, and mild dish soap to scrub the surfaces of the bag.
  • You can use a stain remover on any hard-to-clean spots.
  • Let your bag air-dry overnight before refilling it.

Should You Clean Recovered Golf Balls?

While it might seem like a waste of time to clean your recovered golf balls, there’s actually a good reason it’s important – bright white golf balls are easier to see on the putting green.

So, how do you clean golf balls? It’s easy!

Fill a bucket with hot water and add half a cup of bleach. Let them soak in this mixture for a half-hour before removing them, rinsing them in clean water, and letting them air dry.

Tips for Cleaning Your Golf Cart

While figuring out how to clean golf clubs is probably your main objective, learning how to spruce up your golf cart is also essential.

Thankfully, the process is pretty simple.

Start by removing anything that’s inside your golf cart that you wouldn’t want to get wet – think sunglasses, GPS systems, floor mats, golfing attire, victory cigars, etc.

From there, your first step is to spray down the golf cart with the hose. Then, you’ll use a mild mixture of soap and water to scrub down the cart’s exterior and interior. Remember, golf cart windshields are prone to scratches. It’s best to use a microfiber cloth and avoid any cleaners aside from soap and water.

Keep Your Golf Shoes Looking Great

When golfers buy a new pair of golf shoes, like the Adidas Tour360 22 shoes Xander just helped design, there’s a big desire to keep them clean.

But how do you do that without ruining the integrity of the shoe?

If you want to get rid of stains, it will be soap and water to the rescue again. You should also remove any grass and debris build-up from the spikes. If you need to, you can unscrew the spikes to make this process easier and more in-depth.

Washing and Caring for Golf Apparel

You’ve likely spent a decent amount of money purchasing quality golf apparel for your days on the course – don’t risk ruining anything by washing them incorrectly.

Here are a few trusted tips for keeping them in great condition:

  • Always wash your golf apparel on the gentle cycle.
  • Use cold water for everything to avoid damaging fibers.
  • Avoid fabric softener as it can ruin the sweat-wicking quality of these types of fabrics.
  • Don’t use the dryer – let everything air dry.

Taking Care of Your Golf Clubs and Other Accessories is Easy

So, there you have it! While learning how to clean golf clubs, carts, and apparel might seem like a challenge; it’s actually pretty simple.

As a general rule, stick to delicate processes and avoid harsh chemicals when it comes to anything you’ll be using on the putting green. If you put a little extra effort into your equipment, you’ll keep it looking and functioning great for years to come!