Stefan has been Xander's swing and mental coach from the beginning of his career. Follow this page and Stefan's social channels to learn about his approach to mental and technical coaching. And most important, don't be an Ogre.


Born December 10th, 1964, in Stuttgart, Germany, to a German father and a French mother. Stefan is married to Ping-Yi Chen, a Taiwanese national brought up in Japan from age 4. Stefan speaks several languages.


Stefan began track and field training at age 8. He also was a competitive soccer and squash player and a certified skiing instructor through his late teen years.


After completing compulsory military service in the German airforce, at age 20, he was recruited into the German team developmental group for the decathlon in spring 1985. Unfortunately, Stefan suffered a Career-ending car accident November 6th, 1985.


Stefan has an Associate degree in Golf Operations Management from San Diego Golf Academy and holds an MBA – International Business Administration from United States International University. He is a Certified golf club fitter – Henry Griffitts Company.


Formerly, Stefan has worked with PGA Aloha Section – Assistant Golf professional at Princeville Resort on Kauai, Hawaii 1994 – 1995. He was also a Kauai Junior Golf volunteer golf teacher. Stefan teaches golf based on track and field throwing discipline principles.


Check out this article to learn more about Stefan’s story and his approach to golf and life.



“Once I was able to clearly formulate a new path, I decided to use the misfortune as inspiration for my future.” 
(Stefan Schauffele on the time after his car accident)

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Stefan and Xander Olympics

Pushing Back Against Adversity: The Stefan Schauffele Story

It isn’t always easy to view life as a linear experience.

Often, it’s a journey riddled with the punctuation of paragraphs, chapters, and singular moments – all of which change the story being told.

Take Olympic golfer Xander Schauffele’s father, Stefan Schauffele.

With a nickname like the “The Ogre”, you’d expect Stefan to be a brute of a man with no sense of humor and an impenetrable persona.

Fortunately, he’s quite the opposite.

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